Cycling in Dublin

Getting around Dublin by bike means you don't have to worry about sticking to bus timetables or being restricted by parking meters. Whether you're just popping down to the shops to pick up some milk, commuting to work or cycling to get fit and help the environment, cycling gives you the freedom to be flexible and spontaneous.

Be a Cycling Super Hero!

Be a Cycling Super Hero

Get fit, save money and save the planet, too! Cycling helps you stay healthy and lose weight, saves loads of money on transport and car costs, and is kind to the environment, too.

Commuter Cycling: Bike to Work

Bike to Work

Almost 40% of people working in Dublin's city centre travel less than 5km (just over 3 miles) to work. That's a short distance to cycle and can be a lot quicker than commuting by car.

Cycling in Dublin with Kids

Cycling with Kids

Cycling with kids is great family day out and Dublin is packed with kid-friendly parks and trails. Bike seats and trailers also make it more practical than you might think for errands and commuting!

Cycling And Exercise Quiz

How much do you know about cycling as a form of exercise? Take our quick 5-question quiz and find out.