Public Bike Scheme

The Coca Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme provides 100 public bike stations around the city with 1500 bikes available for general public use. Find out about how you can collect, return and pay the small fee for your public bike use across the city.

dublinbike Cycle Station Locations


With cycle stations right across the city, the dublinbike scheme will make it easy to borrow and return cycles on your Dublin journeys. Take a look at the location map to find local cycle stations.

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes

dublinbike publicity shot

Learn about the Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme - a network of 100 cycle stations across the city, and options for occasional users and annual smartcard cyclists. Signup at

How dublinbikes Works


Find out all about borrowing and returning Coca Cola Zero dublinbikes cycles and get all your questions answered, from hourly rental charges to what to do if you get a puncture on your borrowed bike.