Be a Cycling Super Hero!

Be a Cycling Super Hero

Get fit, save money and save the planet, too! Cycling helps you stay healthy and lose weight, saves loads of money on transport and car costs, and is kind to the environment, too.

Cycle for the Environment

Cars produce an average of 0.3kg of CO2 per km travelled. Cycling 10km each way to work instead of driving saves an average of 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and reduces the effects of global warming.

Substituting car trips with bike trips also helps the environment by reducing noise pollution and a long list of nasty chemicals in our air like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons.

Cycle for Your Health

Cycling is good for you! Studies show that regular cyclists are as fit as the average person 10 years younger, are less likely to suffer from depression and are more likely to sleep better.

Cycling also helps you stay healthy and lose weight. 18% of Irish people are obese, compared to 10% in the Netherlands and 12% in Denmark. Countries where cycling is a mainstream mode of transport generally have lower levels of obesity: in 2002, the number of kilometres travelled per person per day in Ireland was 0.5km, compared with 1.6km in Denmark and and 2.5km in the Netherlands.

Cycle for Your Purse

You’d be amazed by how much you end up spending on transport. If you were to work it out, if you live 5km from the city centre and were to travel in and out of town 5 days a week, you’d end up spending €832 a year on the bus, €858 on the dart or €988 on the Luas.

You can easily get a good bike and kit it out for about €300. Once you’ve bought a bike your transport is free! Did you know that the cost of buying and maintaining a bike is approximately 1% the cost of buying and maintaining a car? So aside from being healthier, benefiting from predictable journey times and helping the environment you save yourself a fortune by cycling.

Do Your Bit for Dublin

In 2008 €21 million was spent on road maintenance in Dublin City alone. More cars and heavier vehicles on our roads accelerate the process of wear and tear. This results in the need for more frequent resurfacing of roads. Since cycling has a negligible impact on road surface quality, replacing car trips with bike trips could save us all millions in road maintenance costs.

Photo credit: ©Robert Leftwich