Commuter Cycling: Bike to Work

Bike to Work

Almost 40% of people working in Dublin's city centre travel less than 5km (just over 3 miles) to work. That's a short distance to cycle and can be a lot quicker than commuting by car. If you were to cycle 5km to work at an average speed of 20km/hr you'd be in work in 15 minutes! For those of you with a bit further to travel, why not combine cycling and public transport? Fold up bikes can be handy for doing this or otherwise why not use one bike to cycle from your house to the station and another bike to cycle from the station into work?

Apart from saving money and keeping fit, there’s nothing better than gliding past cars stuck in traffic. One of the best things about cycling to work is the predictability of journey times. You know pretty much exactly how long it’s going to take you so you can leave the house later.

Dublin's Weather

Dubliners experience an average of just under 800mm rain per year compared with 2800mm in some parts of the west. The average annual rainfall in Dublin less than that of Amsterdam (804mm), a city that has a strong cycling culture.

For anyone who cycles, light rain isn’t a big issue for short commuter cycles (sure you’d probably get just as wet by the time you walk to the bus stop and wait on a bus!). Heavy rain, however, is a problem. Having said that, considering commuters only face an average of 12 days heavy rain per year, you shouldn’t let this put you off!

Besides, all rain issues, light or heavy, can be easily solved if you have the right raingear. It’s probably worth your while investing in a nice breathable waterproof jacket. You can also get waterproof trousers to wear when the rain is heavy but you needn't bother spending too much on these as you won't get to wear them very often!