Cycling in Dublin with Kids

Cycling with Kids

Cycling with kids is great family day out and Dublin is packed with kid-friendly parks and trails (view them on a map) for all abilities. Bike seats and trailers also make it more practical than you might think for errands and commuting!

From their earliest days on the back of your bike to those memorable moments teaching them to ride a two-wheeler, getting out on bikes with the kids is a great way to:

  • Spend Time Together - Biking together as a family is fun, quality time you can spend with your kids.
  • Get Active - Active kids are healthier and children who form the habit of exercising as youngsters are more likely to keep it up in adulthood.
  • Save Money - Biking together as a family doesn't cost a lot - and over a year it costs much less than a trip to the cinema or to the mall each weekend.

Biking with your kids has other advantages too - it's a great way to get out in nature and teach your kids about their carbon footprints and the environment - plus it tires them out!

Ages and Stages

Cycling can be a life-long adventure you can start with your kids as soon as they're toddlers.

  • Bike Seat - Toddlers need to be able to support their heads to safely ride in a bike seat. Most bike seats are suitable until your child is about 18kgs.
  • Bike Trailers - These are popular options for toddlers and for families with more than one child. They're generally suitable up to around age six.
  • Tricycles - Tricycles are a great way to introduce kids to cycling and most of them love learning to peddle under their own steam.
  • Bicycles - Training wheels can help give your child confidence and learn to balance and peddle until they're ready to take of the trainers and cycle on their own.

There are lots of other options like trailer bikes or even tandem bikes - something out there will fit your family's lifestyle and budget.