How dublinbikes Works


Find out all about borrowing and returning Coca Cola Zero dublinbikes cycles and get all your questions answered, from hourly rental charges to what to do if you get a puncture on your borrowed bike.

How do I signup? is the official web site run by JCDecaux. You can signup on the site using this page.

How much does the scheme cost?

The scheme costs €20 for annual membership or €5 for a 3 day membership, plus the following rental charges:

  • First 30 mins: Free!
  • 30 – 60 mins: 0.50
  • 1 – 2 hrs: 1.00
  • 2 – 3 hrs: 2.00
  • 3 – 4 hrs: 3.00

Can I pay by cash?

Unfortunately, no. The cards offer security so that if a situation arises whereby a user does not return their bike after use they will be charged. Cash does not offer the same security and could lead to a small percentage of users abusing the scheme.

Do I have to return my bike to the same station I got it from?

No. The bikes can be taken from/returned to any station on the network.

Why is it more expensive for longer durations?

We want to encourage short-term use of the bikes so that there will be more bikes available to as many people as possible. In other cities there has been a high turnover of bike usage e.g. each bike in the Velib scheme (in Paris) is used on average 8 times a day.

What's to stop somebody else taking a bike using my details while I'm still at the ticket machine?

Each bike stand will be numbered. Once you have selected your bike there will be a time delay before the bike is released from its stand. This will give you a chance to walk from the ticket machine to the bike before the bike is unlocked.

What should I do if I get a puncture en route?

Don’t worry - punctures happen from general wear and tear and you won’t be charged if your bike gets a puncture. Just drop the bike back to the nearest station. A number of service vehicles will travel to and from each station regularly with staff carrying out general repairs on the bikes.