Care and Security for Your Bike

Cycle Security

A bit of care and some basic security for your bicycle means it will give you years of transport, exercise and pleasure. Read on for five things to think about for bike security.

  • Lock It Up! Invest in a secure, recommended bike lock, learn how to fit it correctly to your cycle, and use it every time you park your bike.
  • Record Your Info - Write down your bicycle model, make and frame number. This assists the Gardaí in returning recovered bikes to their owners.
  • Store It Securely - More than half of all bicycle thefts occur on the owner's property. Remember to always secure your cycle - indoors, in a locked shed, or locked to a stairwell or approved storage area.
  • Park Smart - Park your bike where it's visible. Take care not to inconvenience pedestrians – particularly the visually impaired and other disabled people - and never park in front of a fire exit.

Securing your bike needn't be expensive or an inconvenience. It may seem like there are lots of things to think about when securing your bike, but once you get into the habit you will be able to lock up in seconds and it's well worth the effort!