Cycling Hazards

Turning in Traffic

Cycling in a city is not without its hazards, and special care is needed on the road. Parked cars and turns in traffic are two areas where a little know how goes a long way to cycling safety.

Watch out for Trucks

Although fatalities are rare, research has shown that nearly three quarters of cycle fatalities in Dublin are caused by left turning HGVs. To stay safe, never ride up on the inside of a left-turning truck. Trucks have limited visibility and often can’t see you. Remember that on sharp turns, HGVs often have to swing right before turning left. Don’t take risks with HGVs - they’re bigger than you are!

Parked Cars

Many city streets will have parking for cars on the road. When cycling alongside a line of parked cars, leave sufficient room – ideally not less than 1 metre – between you and the cars in case a door opens suddenly. If you are passing a parked car, signal in advance, check for traffic approaching from behind, move out when it is safe to do so, and pass at least 1 metre away from the car.

Wait Ahead at lights

Position yourself in front of other vehicles at traffic lights. In particular make sure you are well in front of large vehicles such as trucks and are not waiting on the left - make eye contact so they know you are there. If you can't get to the front safely, wait behind the vehicle.

Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they've seen you. This is particularly important when changing lanes to turn right, at junctions and with vehicles emerging from a side roads.