Ten Tips for Safe Cycling in Dublin

Cycling Safely in Dublin

Cycling is fun, efficient, easy and safe if you watch out for other traffic and follow the Rules of the Road. Check out ten top tips for safe cycling:

  1. Your bike should be the right size for you. As a rule of thumb, your legs should not be fully extended when you are pedalling, and you should be able to reach the ground with ease with your feet when you are slowing or stopped.
  2. Make sure your brakes are in good condition and it is not only a legal requirement but also common sense to have a bell on your bike, in an easily reachable place. Although it is not required by law, the Road Safety Authority recommends that you wear a cycle helmet and hi-viz clothing.
  3. If you are carrying anything, tie it securely to the back carrier, use the basket, or use panniers. Carrying things on your handlebars is not advised.
  4. Remember, the Rules of the Road apply to all road users so you should familiarise yourself with them – especially the section dedicated to cycling – before taking to the road.
  5. Obey traffic signs - red lights mean stop for cyclists as well!
  6. Always be alert to what’s happening around you. Wearing headphones while cycling is not advised.
  7. Trucks have limited visibility. Avoid positioning yourself on the inside of a left turning HGV. Remember that on tight turns HGVs often swing right before turning left.
  8. When you brake in an emergency, keep your weight on the saddle. Apply the back and front brakes evenly.
  9. When cycling at night, it is not only a legal requirement, but a vital safety measure, that you have a white front light, a red back light and a rear reflector. Also, consider wearing a reflective ‘high-visibility’ jacket or reflective strips on clothing. These help motorists to see you.
  10. Don’t forget to get your bike serviced regularly